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nutritional yeast

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gluten free / kosher

product specifications:

  • extra small 24 fl oz jar contains 13 oz @ $0.85/oz
  • small 32 fl oz jar contains 17.3 oz @ $0.83/oz
  • medium 48 fl oz jar: contains 26 oz @ $0.74/oz
  • large 64 fl oz jar: contains 34.6 oz @ $0.70/oz
  • jar pricing includes $10.00 for Le Parfait jar of any size 

nutritional yeast, aka nooch, has a cheesy, nutty flavor that many plant-based people crave. sprinkle this vegan kryptonite on top of your veggie bowls, popcorn, or blend into a cashew-cheese for ultimate enjoyment. 10/10 recommend. 

due to availability of this product in bulk, this is the only product we are not able to source organically. we look forward to being able to find an organic alternative, and will update this page as soon as we're able to do so! 

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