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organic / non-gmo / vegan / gluten free 

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  • jar pricing includes $10.00 for Le Parfait jar of any size 

chickpeas are a staple for many, but for those who have not yet rehydrated chickpeas on your own, we are here to evangelize this for you. re-hydrating your own chickpeas is an amazing way to save money, because 1 cup of dried chickpeas = 3 cup of cooked chickpeas. you also have greater control of the consistency of your chickpeas. you get way more bang for the buck if you re-hydrated these protein and fiber-filled babes. 

    cooking instructions: 

    • 1 cup of dried chickpeas = 3 cup of cooked chickpeas.
    • rinse your chickpeas well.
    • add chickpeas to a large bowl, and soak for at least 10 hours or overnight * add more water than you think you'll need.
    • rinse again thoroughly and then add chickpeas to a pot.
    • add enough water to cover the chickpeas in an extra inch of water.
    • while cooking, check your pot frequently to make sure the chickpeas are consistently covered in water.
    • cover the pot and simmer for at least an hour, until they've reached your desired consistency.
    • if you have a slow cooker or a pressure cooker, this link is for you.

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