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chia seeds

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organic / non-gmo / vegan / gluten free

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  • extra small 24 fl oz jar: contains 20.25 oz @  $0.38/oz
  • small 32 fl oz jar: contains 27 oz @ $0.37/oz
  • medium 48 fl oz jar: contains 40.5 oz @ $0.36/oz
  • large 64 fl oz jar: contains 54 oz @ $0.33/oz
  • jar pricing includes $10.00 for Le Parfait jar of any size 

evidence shows that chia seeds were used by the aztecs pre-colonialism as a primary energy source. and we're coming back to this wisdom! these superfood seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fibers. these seeds can be mixed into smoothies, or soaked to become a gelatinous gel to be used as an egg replacement or pudding. 

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