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media interviews are a fantastic way to get to know us as humans, out here on a humble mission to provide you plastic-free food. we're so grateful to have been featured in the below media outlets. check 'em out to get to know us! 
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Spectrum 1 News OC woman launches earth-conscious business to solve plastic pantry predicament

Civil Eats Magazine: The Future of Food Shopping might be Plastic-Free

“My theory is that I’m doing my job in telling big companies that this is what consumers want. We’re just a drop in the bucket, I fully acknowledge that, but we’re doing our part to communicate this need and this want from consumers,” she said. “We’re constantly urging bigger food brands to offer a bulk wholesale option.” 


“What I kept coming back to is that we were just returning to the old way of doing things. We’re big fans of the milkman, and we’re basically trying to recreate that online.”.... Disposability is embedded into the modern supply chain, and adoption of reusable packaging requires a fundamental shift in mindset from corporate leadership and a major overhaul of logistics within the supply chain, said Henn.


“A lot of very large food companies are talking about plastic, but they need to rethink how they’re doing business.”


San Clemente Times: Business Beat: All Good, No Plastic

"It brings me so much joy to see my clients excited to find a place where plastic-free food is a possibility.” 


“We’ve thought through every step of the process,” The shipping boxes and packing materials are 100% post-consumer recycled, and all of the products are picked up at one local drop-off center, reducing carbon emissions by eliminating the need for multiple delivery trucks to bring each item to their commercial kitchen space where everything is stored and packaged.


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