about us

it all started many years ago, when learning about the problem with plastic.

it's hard to unsee what you've seen, or unlearn what you've learned. plastics are bad for our health, bad for the planet; just plain bad. so, as consumers, we were trying everything we possibly could to reduce our plastic consumption. we had our bulk stores figured out - we knew where to get nuts, oats, rice, dates, and could find most things in bulk. but even as hard as we tried, we still created a bag of trash every week or two.


but then covid-19 swept the rug out from under our feet. the world started taking so many steps backward. all of our favorite bulk stores had pre-packaged their goods in plastic bags. as a society, we leaned into the disposable, single-use items that would keep us safe - masks, gloves, disposable wipes. but these items are already lining our streets, beautiful rivers, and beaches. it's the perfect storm.


so we had to do something. 


we are on a mission to make it easier for you to do the right thing. we promise to deliver you 100% plastic-free food to your doorstep. 


what's more, we know that pollution from all life-cycles of a plastic product unevenly burdens people of color and low-income communities. so it's our duty to try to prevent any further harm, and provide you a shopping experience that you can feel good about. 


we can't promise to be perfect. but we can certainly promise to be better. so what do you say? let's ditch that tacky plastic one pantry at a time.