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hello family! 

we are here for you. and we'd love to hear from you. if there are any products you would love to see on our store, let us know by leaving us a comment below! 

keep in mind that as we get started, our focus is on dry pantry staples

we look forward to serving you and growing with you! 



A 16 oz. option on some of the products. 32 oz. of nutritional yeast is a lot! Same for coconut flakes.
Beans as stated by others. Steel cut oats. More nuts.

Kelley Doyle

Yay! I LOVE this! I would also like sprouted spelt flour + Steel cut oats! and Red Lentils, Split Yellow Mung beans, and Black Turtle Beans (they are significantly smaller then the regular black beans!) I will start there! oops… one more thing, more bulk nuts! PLEASE!

Melissa Logstrom

Cornmeal would be a nice addition. Stone ground is too unpredictable for my recipes and corn flour is too fine. Hopefully you can find a happy medium.


Hello!! I’d love to see sprouted wheat flour and/or spelt flour!! And chocolate chips! And any dried beans: lentils, black beans, chickpeas, etc! This is such a great idea!!


gluten-free steel-cut oats please!

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