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hello family! 

we are here for you. and we'd love to hear from you. if there are any products you would love to see on our store, let us know by leaving us a comment below! 

keep in mind that as we get started, our focus is on dry pantry staples

we look forward to serving you and growing with you! 



Hello and thank you for doing this! Can you also add coconut milk powder, agar agar, more beans, nuts and seeds (pumpkin seeds), yellow mung beans, green mung beans, tapioca flour, buckwheat, vegan yogurt cultures, and soybeans? Thank you!


Sprouted oats, sprouted popcorn and sprouted quinoa!


Are all of your products organic?

Cheyane Frankenberg

Would love to see soy beans and ground coffee


Do you guys ever have soy beans in stock? That’s a main staple for our family when making different types of mock meats and such. Will be ordering from you guys soon regardless but would love to see that item in the future :).

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