how we remove plastic from the lifecycle of our products

we know you are skeptical, we would be too. how in the heck does a company claim to be plastic-free? it seems impossible. but it's not. it just requires some out of the box thinking, incessant calling and confirming, and challenging the status quo. 
we thought we'd break down each step of our process for you so you can see exactly how good you can feel stocking your pantry with all good goods. 

🌱sourcing the food 🌱

our goods come from wholesalers in bulk quantities that mostly (90%) come in paper bags, which can be composted or recycled after use. we pick up our food at a local drop-off center from our wholesaler on a monthly basis, where members of the community all drive to pick up their bulk goods. this reduces carbon emissions because delivery trucks don't have to drive to individual drop off locations. +1 for the planet!

🌏 sourcing the jars and refill bags 🌎

we have arranged zero waste shipping for our le partfait jars, so bulk quantities of jars are sent to us without any plastic packaging. our paper refill bags are essentially coffee bags (without any inner plastic-lining), and we pick these up just up the road in one large paper box. 

👩‍🔬 packing the food 👨‍🔬

our goods are packaged in a commercial kitchen space, where we are meticulous about sustainability. we have a designated pair of latex gloves and stainless steel scoops for each product to prevent waste, allergies, or other contamination. after jars and refills are packed, we place a paper freshness seal and product label on each good, which are (of course) made of 100% paper, printed with soy and algae-based ink.

📦 shipping the food 📦

jars and refill bags are packed into 100% post-consumer recycled shipping boxes, and padded with paper packaging (fun fact: this paper is upcycled from the le parfait jar shipments)! we seal the boxes with water-activated paper tape, that can be easily recycled with the box after opening!  we ship using USPS, where a designated driver likely already services your neighborhood (less carbon, baby!!) we are in the process of learning more about carbon neutral shipping, too! 
we promise we have done our due diligence to do more good than harm. we are here to help you do good, too.